Become an Academic Advisor

Academic advisers offer the necessary guidance to students about their academic and career paths by providing information and advice about course schedules, school policies and career preparation. Larger colleges may staff academic advisers in each department to help students majoring in that area of study. Academic advisers in smaller colleges may take on more diverse tasks, including counseling on a wider variety of issues.

Accredited Online Degrees for Academic Advisors

Higher education is a must for academic advisors, with most pursuing a master’s degree in higher education administration or another related field. Some also have backgrounds in psychology, counseling or social work that equip them to work effectively with students on an individual basis. They are usually required to complete an internship as part of their educational requirements.

Academic Advisor Training

They counsel directly with students, but they may also need to work with other departments or faculty of the college. Common responsibilities include:

  • Advising students in career planning
  • Assisting in course selection and scheduling
  • Helping students work within the boundaries of college policies and procedures
  • Participating in other aspects of college administration, including conferences and training
  • Working with students, departments and administrators for the benefit of the student
  • Helping students plan their future and enabling them to achieve their dreams.

They play a key role in the success of college students, from helping them choose the right courses to getting started down the best career path. Do you have what it takes to be a successful academic advisor?

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